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SEO Angels: promotion, advertising, management

SEO - продвижение в ТОП10, реклама в Интернет

Integrated management of Internet sites to achieve the maximum and necessary result is the main task of the first managing agency of Internet advertising SEO-Angels. We raise the sales of our Clients to the required height - professionally, reliably, with financial guarantees.

Advertising management services, site promotion

Monetization of the project, management of reputations in the Internet (SERM), advertising for the site (contextual advertising Google, Yandex and other systems), promotion or promotion of the site: corporate website, online store, forum, social network, site optimization for search engines ( SEO) and social networks (SMO), search marketing audit (SMA) and site audit, promotion of trademarks on the Internet, as well as promotion of products, services, brands in social networks (SMM) - all these are services of our company. What complex program of advertising on the Internet is required for your company, professional Internet marketers SEO-Angels will help you determine.

At the beginning of each website promotion project, products, services, brand, we conduct a free audit of existing resources and a comparative analysis of the keyword promotion tools for our Clients. As a result of the audit, each of our Clients understands what needs to be done in the web, why it is needed, how much the necessary work is to optimize the site, promote, promote, and what the output will result. The data obtained during the professional audit and Internet marketing, as a rule, form the basis of the program for promotion of the site and promotion of goods, services, brand on the Internet.

Advertising on the Internet

Imagine the coverage of the audience of potential consumers of your goods and services: in Ukraine alone, more than 20 million people use the Internet every day, while on the Internet there are 3 to 4.5 billion people daily. And it's quite possible to reach everyone: some of the users will come to your site, some will be interested in the groups being created, blogs on social networks, some people will see the newsletter on their mail, some will find out about your brand in the forums from our "brand advocates" and so on. In all possible ways, our specialists work daily to increase the sales of the Clients of the SEO-Angels company.

With a sufficiently wide audience coverage, advertising on the Internet is much cheaper and more efficient than advertising on television, radio or billboards. In the global network, in contrast to other promotion channels, the performance indicators of advertising can be measured with sufficient accuracy, attracting the right target groups, spending a minimum of funds and time.

Why is it necessary to order ads for "SEO Angels"?

  1. Having ordered in the company SEO-Angels the management of your advertising on the Internet, you can independently monitor and adjust the expenditure of funds.
  2. At the same time, the specialists of our company monthly provide financial reports, reports on the work performed and the results achieved.
  3. In our portfolio dozens of successful completed projects, and a number of projects we are promoting now.
  4. The company is a VAT payer.
  5. We serve more than 50 clients at a time, being a division of IT-group Genesis, which provides development of web-sites, CRM, ERP-systems. This gives us the opportunity to serve projects of any complexity, including including the development and development of online stores, social networks, web applications, 1C projects and other software products.

Thus, a comprehensive approach to managing your advertising campaign is provided 100% and all the necessary questions on joint work are resolved. But most importantly, you will get exactly the result you expect!

The advertising budget in the hands of professional managers of contextual advertising, site optimizers, link managers, SMM-optimizers, Internet marketers and other professionals SEO-Angels will by all means be directed to highly effective tools for promotion of your website, promotion of the brand, goods, services, which will bring necessary the desired dividends. Prices of CEO, the cost of our other services is very affordable.

Working in the Ukrainian market since 2008, we have been consistently fulfilling all the guarantee obligations under contracts with our Clients, because each of our specialists bears personal financial responsibility for achieving the result. Call us right now, set the time and place of the meeting: (044) 379-10-10, (067) 511-53-33. Our "Angels" are ready to solve the problem of increasing sales and development of your business, raising it to a qualitatively new level!