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Qualitative professional advertising of a site means under itself the complex approach to sales of the company. Three components of the successful implementation and support of sales of any commercial organization on the Internet is a quality web resource, the fulfillment of the requirements of search engines and the professional management of the advertising campaign.

According to statistics, if your ad is seen by a thousand people, then at best about half will be interested. If the message of this announcement meets the expectations of visitors (potential buyers of your products or services), they will go to your site. If the resource is qualitative: an understandable structure of the site, prices, contacts, a search on the site, a pleasant design, then a potential customer will call your company. Further, to complete the sales, managers of your organization join the work.

The task of professional management of an advertising campaign of a site consists in drawing on a resource of target consumers of your goods or services.

Professional advertising site allows you to increase sales of the company through various channels. The first stage of the site's advertising is its optimization according to the requirements of search engines. This involves creating an understandable site structure, transforming design, writing unique useful articles, placing photos and images, and working with external sources (directories, partner sites, social networks, blogs, etc.).

The next stage is a complex work with all the channels of promotion. To achieve the required results, you can use:

  • contextual advertising;
  • promotion in social networks, blogs, forums;
  • keeping the site in the field of view of users of search engines (Google, Yandex, etc.) - implies the withdrawal of the site to the first page of search in similar systems;
  • other types of site advertising - teaser, banner advertising, promotion in Google Maps, search by images, social networks, forums, etc.

An integrated approach to advertising a website on the Internet provides a significant audience coverage. Compared to other types of advertising (radio, television, outdoor advertising), the cost of contact, attracting a client to your company is two to three times lower. It is important to understand that the advertisement of the site, like any other business, is the field of activity of professional specialists.

In the company SEO-Angels each client is guaranteed to get a professional audit of his site in terms of its effectiveness in terms of advertising and sales. As a result of Internet marketing, our experts determine the return on a particular resource with a known budget for site advertising. We can also calculate the budget for achieving very specific goals.

In other words, there are two approaches to advertising a website on the Internet:

  • you are willing to spend a certain amount of money on advertising on the Internet and get the result that corresponds to the budget;
  • you have clearly defined goals, the budget for achieving which you need to calculate and you are ready to achieve the goals, no matter what!

The guarantee of effective use of advertising budgets is our financial responsibility, which is specified in each contract. Choosing SEO-Angels, you will receive effective advertising of a site in the Internet at the optimum budget.

To make professional advertising of the site on the Internet start to bring returns right now, just call us: (044) 379-10-10, (067) 511-53-33. Our "Angels" will solve for you the task of increasing the sales of the company and the development of your business with the help of the Internet. Call us right now!